Send. (50 Christmas Cards from Shutterfly)

My family did Christmas card erratically growing up, probably because I usually remember one of the three of us girls in tears before, during or after the “photo shoot.”

I do however love getting cards during the holidays. It is one of the few times a year I hope for something more that a bill in the mailbox. Last year I hung each card with a small ornament on the garland running up our stair case banister. I have also started bundling, then keeping cards by year incase I ever get a free moment to go back and take a look at who sent what over the years.

I finally convinced J do get on board with producing our own Christmas card last year (in our 5th year of marriage). He came up with a creative picture plan, which was actually his idea. I think largely due to the compliment he received on his creativity and wit, I got him on board again for a 2010 Christmas card. Which is a great thing because of what Shutterfly is offering to bloggers this year.

I do most of my photo storage, picture printing and photobooks from Shutterfly, I also recently ordered s few personalized Thank You cards with my name at the top (very trendy designs I might add). I have always been impressed by the quality and clarity of pics, projects, and price. So when the offered up 50 free cards to bloggers I jumped into looking at these formats (803 to be exact) for our 2010 card. I’m not sure what we will choose this year, but I am a big fan of some of these formats.

Vintage Village

I could go on but seriously I’m running out of room here. I also think there are several here that could sent well into the New Year if you just can’t fit it in before Dec. 25th.

P.S. SP there is also a Letter Card on Shutterfly that lets you combine a short update with a photo card.

P.S.S If you are interested in taking advantage of the 50 cards check out the notice the Shutterfly posted here and get started.