I found it on another blog-January

I think I missed this for December and I am already a few days late for January. Oh well, here are a few things that I enjoyed finding in my Google Reader in January.
1. Stamps of Approval from Young House Love- One of these address stamps is already on my birthday list. I noticed so many of these on 2009 Christmas cards, so much cuter for cards or invites than my free sticky labels.

2. Cranberry Bliss Bars from A Year in the Kitchen-So good for breakfast or for dessert.

3. This very neat table runner found at Celebrations at Home-I am wondering if I can make a DIY version with chalk board paint?

4. Furniture tranformed with paint on Blueprint Bliss- I am jealous a) of many of these finds and b) of the creativity each of the owners have to see beyond the dated hardware or wood grain. I hope one of these days craigslist or yard sales will be good to me too.


Menu Monday

Another Monday with another menu for the week. We have been cooped up in the house all weekend with snow, so I just got to the grocery store. I didn't do so well sticking to the budget but I did manage to use about $10 in coupons this trip. Either way here is my plan for dinners this week.

-French Dip Sandwiches and onion rings*
-Buffalo chicken salad
-Baked Chicken and Sweet Potato Spears with Bacon Vinaigrette (we didn't get to this one last week)
-London Broil with Citrus Mayonnaise and White Cheddar Mashed Potatoes

*Crock pot