Southern Flourish

I have only clicked through (as opposed to flipped through) this new online mag written for "young southerners" by "young southerners." It looks fabulous.

Check it out here. The spring issue also features Young House Love's "favorite room," so you know the editors have picked stellar contributing writers.


Found at IKEA

Ikea is normally pretty hit or miss with me; I'm partial to pretty traditional style with home decor and furniture. I do stop in from time to time looking for odds and ends or accents. This weekend this was staring me in the face (amist the bumping shopping carts and screaming children that is IKEA on Saturday:), and I love it.

It's a soft gray color and from the Edland series. I would probably change the hardware (which after inspection seems doable), but the $199 price tag is pretty nice.


Good enough for Facebook

Apparently my hubby thought dinner last night was good enough for a facebook shout out. Not sure if it was really that awesome or he just had not had a home cooked meal for weeks. (The fault of his crazy work schedule, not my lack of dinner prep:)

We had homemade black bean burgers and homemade potato chips with spicy ranch dip for the burgers, chips or both. I will link to the recipies because I can't seem to paste them in.

Spicy Ranch
Black Bean Burgers
Homemade potato chips

PS The hubby made quite a face when I told them that the dinner menu was black bean burgers, so by the end it must have made quite an impression.


Making it work

I am usually a fan of making it work in the kitchen. When a recipe doesn't go exactly as planned or I am 3/4 of the way through cooking before I realize I don't have something vital I can usually figure it out and manage a fairly decent result.

This was not the case Thursday night as I was making cookies. I managed to beat into the batter an entire egg, by entire I mean including the shell. Nice.

PS There is no way to recover from that, especially since the cookies were for a baby shower.

Note: You may have noticed my lack of blog posting (sorry), so I'm thinking about some changes. Stay tuned.