I found it on another blog-January

I think I missed this for December and I am already a few days late for January. Oh well, here are a few things that I enjoyed finding in my Google Reader in January.
1. Stamps of Approval from Young House Love- One of these address stamps is already on my birthday list. I noticed so many of these on 2009 Christmas cards, so much cuter for cards or invites than my free sticky labels.

2. Cranberry Bliss Bars from A Year in the Kitchen-So good for breakfast or for dessert.

3. This very neat table runner found at Celebrations at Home-I am wondering if I can make a DIY version with chalk board paint?

4. Furniture tranformed with paint on Blueprint Bliss- I am jealous a) of many of these finds and b) of the creativity each of the owners have to see beyond the dated hardware or wood grain. I hope one of these days craigslist or yard sales will be good to me too.

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