Grandma's Attic

I rummaged around some of the items left in my grandparents old house and came home with some great finds. I guess the post title really should be "Grandma's House" but oh well.

We were blessed that the same summer we got married, my grandparents downsized from their house of many (many) years to a smaller apartment. Anything they didn't take with them was up grabs. This, combined with my grandmother's love of good quality furniture, helped us fully furnish our first apartment and later add a several more lingering peices when we bought our house.

They still own the house, my grandmother continues gardening and planting in the yard on most days. Most of the left over furniture has found homes with one of my sisters or my parents, but as I found this weekend (under a calendar from 1989:) There are still a few things left to be put to good use.

I have been looking for small side tables for our guest bedroom and our master bedroom.

This one is just the right size and height for the master. I am going to stain it dark to match the dresser (also from my grandmother) and our bed.

I don't have an immediate home for this one, for now it can hide in a corner of the "man-room." Yes, this dainty table is going to be put to use in something we call the "man-room." Carolina Husband will be so excited.

Finally, stashed in the basement I found this linen drum shade. 

I am sure it's plenty of years old, but how lovely the styles come back around. The color is perfect for our living area and I have been wanting to replace one of the matching boxy lamp shades in the room. The floor lamp won out. I think changing the shade out punched up the style of the floor lamp a bit and helped with the matchy matchy feeling that the lamps were giving off (they were both from the same set from one of the big box stores a few years ago). I also love the balance of shape the room has now all from changing on shade.

Not so bad.

Much better and $0!

Simple fixes and one more way to reuse/recycle.

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