Metropolitan Home Design 100

I got my first issue of Metropolitan Home this week and stashed it for an afternoon just like this one in Carolina-lazy and rainy.  It seemed like it was going to be a bit modern (and expensive) for my taste (or decorating budget), but who turns down a free magazine subscription.

We will see how the next issue fairs, but it looks like I subscribed just in time. June features their annual Design 100 issue, labeled "our favorite, people, places & things."  It's a great list of things to put on the wish list, check out on the web or use to just get ideas.  Here are a few of my favorite:

From D100

Since its non-alcoholic it looks like a perfect celebratory mocktail for all of the baby showers that I seem to be hosting these days.  Probably a great mixer too, making it fun for all.

#28 Clean Slate-Idea Paint
It's DIY dry erase board paint. I have been hoping for something like this in lieu of chalkboard paint, but at $199 per can (covers 50 sq ft) its a bit steep.  Maybe something to lookout for down the line.  I can already see the labels and lists.

#36 First Blush-Gran Centenario Rosangel tequila
Hibiscus-infused Tequila.  I'm happy to try anything once or twice:)

#46 Pretty, Good & Cheap-Silicone-Mesh Cooking bags
What a great idea to save water and time.  Cook two or more veggies in the same pot of water at the same time.  The bags look like they will keep every thing separate, not to mention eliminate the need for a strainer.

Great lines with upholstered seat.  My pick would be a bit "flashier" fabric, but I like it.  It looks like the idea is that the benches are both incidental seating for the living area that you can add to a dining table for enough seating at a big family meal. 

Just five of a great list of Design 100.  Great Job Metropolitan Home.

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