And she is off...

This is our dog Carly.

This is an example of one of our folding sports chairs that I was sitting in this afternoon.

Sadly, what I do not have it a video of our dog Carly running around three houses in our neighborhood dragging our red folding chair behind her.

I hooked Carly's leash to the chair, then got up. Yeah, we won't do that again.

Nice post of return on don't you think? Anyone still out there?


  1. Oh no! That's hilarious and tragic all at the same time! You would think that the chair would trip Carley up a bit - but not that girl!

    Also, yall got new couches! They look great!

  2. Wait, you got new couches? We need photos!!

  3. Nope these are actually the couches at the beach.