103 posts later (this makes 104) and several busy months off I have come to several conclusions.

1)I really enjoy blogging, but sticking with just home decor stuff is not really keeping the pages full.
2)I need a gimmick, something to keep the blogger block away--even in the busy months.
3)I may have found my gimmick, so stick with me to see where this all goes. Hint: it involves me not having to come up with post titles, yay!!
4)I make no promises about pictures on lengths of posts. Let's just shoot for new, diverse content each day.
5)I am not a tech person, but for the last 12 hours have been obsessing over the new Droid Incredible by Verizon, that and actually having Internet on my phone. Really, am I that girl?

So stay tuned for some revision, a new look, and regular posting--at least through the summer. I promise to try to keep you entertained.

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