This was the theme of the weeks as I hosted Thanksgiving for the first time atour house. All went well and all together it was really not as stressful as some make it out to be. Here are a few things that I think made it easy.
1)Shop gradually. I generally knew what out menu would be and what I would need. It meant that I could take advantage of sale items (think turkey for $.39 per lb) when I saw them and shop at a variety of places for what I needed (BJ's, Trader Joe's, HT) just on regular errands during the month.
2) Stash the non perishable Turkey Day goods out of your kitchen as you stock up. My mom always did this and I never really understood why, but it makes it easy to see what you have and what you are missing and ensures that nothing gets used between the time its purchased and the big day.
3)Prep as much as you can as early as you can. I am not advocating cooking/freezing things weeks ahead and using the microwave, but consider what can be completed or partially prepped a day or two before. By the time I hit the sack Wednesday night the table was set, mydesserts were complete, cranberry chutney in the fridge, and sweet potatoes ready for marshmellows then the oven. Before my family arrived, well before our meal time the rest of my veggies were ready for the oven and potatoes diced and waiting on water.
4)I was a tad worried about everything being ready at the same time, something I am not great at the other 364 days out of the year, especially with a 22lb turkey taking up most of the oven. This is what worked for me. All of our side dishes were ready for the oven when the turkey came out to rest. By the time the bird was ready for carving the dishes were also ready for the table. Hopefully it works that well next time:)
I promise I am not a confused as I look. Now what to do with the 15 or so lbs of turkey left in my fridge.

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  1. Turkey pot pie! That's what we'll be making tomorrow :)

    I'm glad it went well!!