Have ticket, will travel

Its been a busy August so far, and that is not really letting up until at least September, but I could not resist quickly posting our favorite vacation spots with Kelly's Show Us Your Life Fridays.

Not necessarily in any order:

#1-Vacation Spot: Ambergris Caye, Belize
Lodging: Xanadau Resort

Belize seems to have something for everyone. We biked, snorkeled, swam (pool and reef), ate, fished, zip lined and visited ruins. If that is a bit to active for your vacay taste I recommend a book, a Belikin (native beer), and lounging the palapa (beach hut) for a week. English is the native language so its easy to get around the whole country, the island is mostly walkable and we never ate a bad meal. If you are looking for a place to stay I can't recommend Xanadau more highly.

#2-Vacation spot: Oak Island, NC (OKI)
Lodging: Family cottage on the beach front

I posted a bit about how much this spot means to me in this post. I never really appreciated the
casual Carolina coast as a kid, always wishing for something a bit more exciting. Now as an adult, give me a few days where all I really need to pack is a bathing suit, the dog the the hubby and I'm in heaven.

#3-Vacation Spot: NYC
Lodging: The couch, floor or air mattresses in friends apartments

I don't think that I have stayed in a hotel in the city since I was in high school, thanks to friends. I love that NYC has become a vacation spot that I have frequented often enough that it's no longer about seeing all of the touristy things the city has to offer (though I have certainly not hit them all). With the help of natives I get to plan trips that include a Broadway show and a trip down 5th Avenue (window shopping) one night and neighborhood pizza and dive bar the next. I don't worry about missing out on things because I know, at least as long as there is floor space, I'll be back for another visit.

Those are the top three. I've got great plans to share 2 baby showers, upholstered headboard completion, a quick spicy dinner option and two weekend trips just as soon as I find some time to type things up.


  1. Oak Island is such a beautiful area! I have friends from the area and family not far away in the Shallotte/Ocean Isle area. It's beautiful anytime, but especially this time of year.

  2. Beautiful photos. What a wonderful place to vacation.