See. Do. Eat. Read. Live. Buy. Write.

So I mentioned a gimmick in my last post, with the title as a hint. I hope that I came up with something that will keeping me writing on a diverse group of topics and keep blogger block away for at least a while.

Here is the plan. I have picked 7 fairly broad verbs that pretty much explain how I spend my non-work life. 7 verbs for 7 days of the week, with the idea that each day gets "assigned" as topic to blog about. Here is what you have to look forward to...

See: Notes about my actual travel, plans to travel, or hopes to travel.

Do: I'm thinking this stays a fairly broad topic and notes things to do (of that I did) because they are cool, nice, good.

Eat: Pretty self-explanatory. Good food, beverage, recipe ect. that I want to share.

Read: Suggested reading lists and reviews of what I have read or am reading.

Live: Another broad topic focusing on general life stuff that doesn't fit in any other category.

Buy: Products with reviews or purchases to share.

Write: I challenge myself to add one semi-creative, hopefully entertaining writing post per week.

Now two disclaimers:

1-I reserve the right to add or take away a verb as it fits what I want to post about. We all need a little excitement to look forward to, right?

2-With this new format comes the end of corny post titles. All you are getting is the verb title to give you a clue where I am heading--you can make up the rest.

Stick with me, comment often.


  1. Sounds fun!! I can't wait to read :)

  2. I like simplicity...I can handle this and will enjoy it!