(Ceramic) Note to Self

I keep the front of our fridge clutter free. No pics, magnets or notes visible on the front.

This is true unless I need a serious reminder about something, then I plaster a note-to-self on scrap paper on the front of the fridge. Most of my notes are non-work related, out of my normal routine and/or on the weekend-the smart phone can only do so much reminding when it has been hidden in my purse since Friday at 5pm.

Enter in Can Stop Making Things' ceramic note tablet project. The basics of the project are pretty simple. A $. 79 ceramic tile from Lowe's plus a dry erase marker equals an small erasable surface for reminders. I took it a step further with glue and magnets and I now have an attractive tablet that can be popped on the front of the fridge when I am in need of a reminder. It looks much more pulled together than a note on a scrap sheet of paper tacked up with a Garfield magnet.

It's an opportunity for creativity and artistic talent. Can't Stop used a permanent marker to make the tile look like a note pad. If you are not artistic (which I am not) or do not have pretty "teacher" handwriting (which I also do not), find the nearest scrapbook aisle and stock up on glue and scrapbook embellishments. I used 2-D flowers for this tablet, but I can also see a monogram or initials on the tablet.

I like it so much I think that I am going to spend the 5 minutes this project takes to create another for my desk at work for quick notes and messages. No more searching for a scrap of paper and no need to use a clean sheet for a reminder that won't matter anymore in a few days.

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  1. I love that idea! Those would make great Christmas gifts! I am now bursting with ideas.