I have several project going right now and I think Carolina husband is ready to see me get some of them finished before I start anything new. Something about him not being able to get into his closet because of the 1/2 finished headboard in the way.

A lazy weekend at home was just what I needed to make some progress. I still have plenty on the list, but its a start.

Mrs. Limestone's recent progress pics of her secret shame box room got me inspired. I started with my own secret shame that looked like this.
A few hours later...
And all finished up. I still have one more box to sort through, not to mention figuring out what to do with the found square footage.
I also put this together...
which ended in this.
It's the missing bar cart from this post. Do you love it, I do.

I even had a chance to put this together. Wondering what it is? More on this later.

So yes, Progress. Maybe next weekend I'll finish up the headboard:)

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