Holy Baking Soda Batman!

I had this post planned for awhile but decided to finish up when I read that Lavender and Lillies is doing a "going green" week on her blog. Check her out all week for more helpful hints.

I was searching for a good cleaning agent for chrome. Before I could put together the bar cart (check of this post and this one for pics) it needed a good scrubbing. Small rust spots and grime wouldn't come off even with a harsh chemical cleaner. The cart was in my grandmother's house for years, then 2 college apartments, then stored under a bed, so it was quite a bit of work to make the chrome shine again.

Several websites suggested a paste of baking soda and water matched with elbow grease. I was amazed at the shine. It worked so well, I felt a little like I was in an infomercial for the next fad cleaner. It's now on my "clean green" list for shiny things (think bathroom fixtures). It also works wonders on pots and pans.

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