If you are reading I need help. Not major my-life-is-threatened help, but food help.

We are usually participating in a supper club with our Sunday School class, so at least 4 times per year I have to come up with an appetizer to bring to dinner. This should be easy but no. Here is why...

-Most of the recipies I come up with are best served hot, or at least warm. We are always driving about 30 minutes to supper club and I am never quite sure how well things will keep thier heat.
-I am not above a good cheese tray, but sometimes feel like its a little of a cop out.
-I rarely know what is for dinner so I want to bring something fairly general that I know will work for the meal.
-Crackers and Dips are begining to bore me.
-I never know if I should do something really specific (stuffed mushrooms ect.) for some reason all of those types of appatizers seem to work best as part of a appetizer spread.

So if you are reading help. What is your go to app for situations like this? Am I over thinking this? Are crakers and dips not really that bad:)

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  1. Here's a suggestion - if you do have to travel a while, why not do something in the crock pot? That generally stays pretty warm even after you end up unplugging it (and it would be part of your use your crock pot more pledge). Something that's in my "Fix It and Forget It" cookbook is a roasted pepper and artichoke dip - if you make some pita chips (or just buy them) that's a delicious appetizer and is a little different than just chips and salsa. There's also a recipe for apple butter - you could make a loaf of homemade bread and then some apple butter and folks could spread that around.
    I also have a great recipe for "spinach squares" which has to cool for 15 minutes anyway so that's half of your drive - and if you keep it in your pyrex carrier that sound do great. Let me know if you want any of those recipes! They are delicious and easy - otherwise I wouldn't have them!