Walk right in

As I constantly renovate my kitchen in my head I have come to one conclusion: I would give up coveted cabinet space in my kitchen for a walk-in pantry.

I know cabinet space is premium, but I'm convinced that fewer cabinets combined with a large walk in pantry with open shelving is a better solution compared to a kitchen where cabinet space in plentiful.

My imaginary walk in pantry would be outfitted with simple, open, industrial shelving around the wall. A basket, lazy susan or two for organization but mostly just unobstructed, easy access shelving.
As is customary, most of the shelves would be reserved for food--now with lots of space for bulk purchases. But there would also be space of the shelves for all of the appliances and cookware I use, but use infrequently. Things like my huge dutch oven, bunt pan, food processor. I really think I would rather a walk across the kitchen to bring these things out rather than digging to the back of bottom cabinets on my knees.

Convinced? No? What if I promised to add these yellow barn doors?

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