Something I really need to be doing is getting back focused on the inside of our house. As Spring (and now summer) came we have spend most of our time and work (with the exception of one major cleaning spree) out of the house leaving several unfinished parts of certain rooms.

The first thing that I have to find the time to work on is our family room. After this inspiration picture a few months ago I rearranged our furniture which involved moving our kitchen table into the family room as a side table. And yes this means I am on the hunt for a kitchen table.

Which left a blank wall at our stairs, so I decided to shoot for this look (top left pic).

My DIY version of this table couldn't get close to the lines I wanted with the skit and its right in front of our air conditioning vent so the whole think sucks in when the air comes back on. Our HVAC friend also did not give my table very good reviews for HVAC efficientcy.

So back to square one. I think I need to find a sofa or occasional table that I like and go from there. Something like this. I still love the gallery wall, but maybe now with black and white family pics in stead of just prints.

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