California, at least we will towards the end of the summer.

We have a trip planned later this summer to spend some time in San Francisco and Sonoma County and after much stalking of plane tickets and emailing of lodging rentals, I am happy to report that we have booked a late afternoon flight west followed by a night in the city, 4 nights is a cute cottage near Sonoma and a one night stay in a B&B a little farther north all before heading back to reality a week later.

As the designated trip planner I am feverishly gathering all I can about the must see places (read wineries) to visit (read drink) and a few things to keep us busy in San Francisco as well. Suggestions welcome.
We are again planning to travel with companions, my sister is one of them, though I am sad to say not the ones we started thinking about this trip with:(You know who you are and we will totally miss you).

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  1. I have a San Fran guide book if you want to borrow it - I'll ship it down to yall! My suggestion is to check out Muir Woods and the redwoods - it's beautiful and breathtaking...