Well not eat, but last weekend we did drink lots of wine at a local wine festival, featureing mostly local vineyards. Since felt like it was about 100 degrees outside it was a little hard to enjoy the reds, and some of my favorites (oddly enough) were the fruity wines. My own awards from the show:

Most Creative Flavor:

Hummingbird Wine from Southern Charm Winery

"A sweet wine (very) made with honeydew, kiwi and juicy melon flavors. It's the perfect way to enjoy those summer sunsets."

Notes: It's crazy to think you actually drinking wine and all of the fruit flavors are very present. Unique and memorable. Definitely a summer patio wine for sharing, a whole bottle may make you feel like you have eaten and entire bag of jolly ranchers.

Up-and-coming wine/grape to watch:

Euphoria from Skull Camp Wine/Round Peak Vineyards

"It's what comes after anitticipation. Slightly sweeter white wine with grapefruit and pear aromas."

Notes: This is a light blend apparently using the Traminette grape, which is new to me but something I will be on the lookout for (we had another Traminette wine at the festival).

Now planning tasting trip to:

We had a great taste of what was to come.

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  1. I also enjoyed a great white wine on Saturday although I usually drink reds...I'll try and find these up here to taste what you had!