The summer issue of the online mag Southern Flourish is out today (which I have posted about before). I only clicked through a few pages before I was being inspired by quotes and scribbling notes from ads and articles. A few pieces of advice that resonated as I read through the articles (which are all great).

Be really aware of when you feel great. Your compass for your life is your feelings. If you are doing something that really brings joy into your life take note of that." -Carrie McCarthy, interviewed for "What's your statement?" The article highlights her endeavor to help people find their "Style Statement," a two word statement that defines your authentic self. Now I am wondering what my style statement is?

"It was so liberating to answer the questions based on dreams rather than budgets. I think we all live trapped by what we perceive is within reach." -Lesley Graham, Typically Southern Section Editor for Southern Flourish after discovering "Timeless Bohemian," her Style Statement. Umm yeah...

"Just like people, it seems that rooms naturally evolve over time." -Paloma Contreras, La Dolce Vita on sharing her favorite room. I like this, it makes your home seem more organic and reminds me is OK to constantly want to rearrange our furniture.

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