The (Bar) Cart Before the Horse

One accent that I have seen pop up in lots of living, dining and even outdoor rooms is the beverage/bar/cocktail cart.

Image from Southern Accents

The trend has come around again from a time when Manhattans and martinis were more than just a SATC reference and hosting or attending a cocktail party meant, "Everyone owned the essential bar ware, a swank cocktail shaker, an atomic designed cocktail tray, and cocktail glass. Then there were the unspoken rules. The rules of dress, music, and vocabulary. Seemed as if everyone embraced the leisure of the cocktail party." (From http://www.retrovintagecollectibles.com/).

Image from Style Redux

Being ahead of the trends as I so often am (not so much:), I had a vintage cart in my college apartment. It was my grandmother's and looked very much like this one (expect mine was chrome):

Image from Bryn Alexandra

As I packed up to get married and move in with Carolina Husband I passed along the cart (maybe to my sister, I can't really remember) expecting to never think of it again (sigh). Now that they are all over the place again I would love to have it back in the only modern-ish room in our house--our bright red dining room.

Can't you picture this (filled with similar glass ware and beverages, of course):

somewhere in this room?

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