House Tour-Entry Way

It's another "Show us where you live Friday" from Kelly. This week is entry ways. I didn't even think about showing our entry from the outside as some people did, maybe I will add it later today.

For now here is our house from just inside the front door. Our open floor plan allows for a view of our dining room, kitchen bar, bathroom door. You can't see it in the picture, but a full panoramic view would also show our back door, living room, stairs and if you look up our upstairs hallway. This all from walking in the front door.
The umbrella stand/hat rack is another peice from my grandmother and we think fits perfectly in the space.


  1. Love your entryway, it's so open and pretty!

  2. I like your hall tree, and the pretty paint color on the walls. I really like that white molding too. It really adds to the look.