Next to nothing gardening

I kept hearing about the discount/clearance plant table at Lowe's but it always seemed to evade me on my trips into the garden section. The plants that they put out on the clearance cart (deeply discounted) are still very much alive and just need a little TLC to be just as good a new.

My mom went on the spring garden tour of my Carolina hometown and one of the most beautiful spots was a perennial garden which according to the gardener was filled almost entirely by plants from the elusive discount table. The deal hunter inside of me just had to find it. I added it to my summer to-do-list and that was it.

Sunday I finally got lucky and came home with these:

I got 4 daylillies for $2 each; 1 peony for $5; 1 gaura for $1.50; and 3 irises for $2 each.

All in all I'm sure that I saved at least as much as I spent (if not more), not to mention these are all perennials so they should be back again next year bigger and better. So keep and eye out in your garden section (especially this time of year) and don't let a few brown spots or wilty leaves scare you off.

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