Bridesmaids, Boys and Bouquets...Oh My

As I mentioned in last week's "Show us your life,Wedding Dress post, we have very few digital picture from our wedding, so a stellar picture of our bridal party was a little difficult. Here we have 3 sisters (two of mine and one of his), 1 brother (his), 4 college roommates (2 of mine and 2 of his), 5 high school friends (2 of mine and 2 of his), 3 college friends (1 of mine and 1 of his) and yes, a groomswoman. 

One of the wonderful things about our bridal party is that Carolina Husband and I were each close with all of the girls and all of the guys. I guess that is what comes from dating for 5 years before we got married. My friends were his and vice versa. Five years later I can happily say that all of the folks at the alter with us on that day still play very important roles in our lives.

Now onto flowers. This is my bouquet (way in the back) surrounded by the 'maids bouquets.  I really wanted to carry red roses so our florist had to find a flower combo that worked with Carolina Blue dresses and my red roses.  I think the dark tipped pink roses did the trick.  All of the other flowers arrangements for the church and reception were summery bright colors.


I dried my bouquet a now have it displayed with a picture of our first dance in our den book case.  Its a little old fashioned, but I like to have it out.

And how nice to get to share wedding pictures on the day of our fifth anniversary.  Happy anniversary again J. 

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