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Erin, tagged me, it's my first one so I am rather excited to share. The rules are to share 10 things about myself that the blog world (all three of my readers:) may not know. After sharing, then I get to tag some of you (so if there are more than three of you readers let me know so I can share the love:).

I'm thinking that since I am still kind of new to this blogging thing, there should be lots to share. So here it goes:

1)I am not exactly sure what the "I Love Paris" picture has to do with the tag but it seems to go along with the instructions. I am sure that I would love Paris, but I have never actually been. There is one, nine more to go.

2)I love stationary, pretty note cards and  but don't write enough "Thank You" or "Just Because" notes to justify spending tons on it.  I thought I was alone in this until I started reading other blogs.

3)I would change exactly one thing from our Carolina wedding (no, not the heat for those of you that were there:).  I designed and printed our programs to save a few dollars.  I wanted the cover to have our initials embossed, instead we just printed the letters.  It wasn't something that I wanted to spend a ton of time or energy on at the time--five years later it still kinda bugs me.

4) I finally broke out the sewing machine and with the help of the Internet and Carolina Husband, taught myself how to sew pillows.  I want to work on a bedskirt for our guest bedroom as soon as I find fabric.

5)I have a chandelier sitting on our dining room table.  I am trying to decide if I want to keep it.  This is the one that I bought, but have not yet hung up. It's OK and the price was right, but...
Image from Lowes.com
I think that I want something a bit more decorative like this one from Pottery Barn.
Image from PotteryBarn.com
6)I like to drink out of straws.

7)I love to read and wish that I had a room for a library in our house.  Something like this would be perfect, but lets also add a matching ladder.

Image from Traditional Home
 8)I lived with the same person all four years of college.  She is also one of my best friends from high school.

9)The Mikasa china that we chose for our wedding was discontinued just before we got married.  My mom was afraid that no one would be able to find it in stores to give as gifts (and it was the only pattern we agreed on).  She found several place settings at the outlet in our town and gifted them to me at several of my bridal showers. The only problem is that lots of our guests were able to find the pattern and we now have about 17 full settings of the china. I never worry about breaking a bowl.

10)I just watched myself on the local evening news for work.  Thank goodness it was just B-roll, not me talking. 

Now who to tag: My 6 followers (blog or not) and anyone else who reads regularly (let me know and I will come visit you).

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