Checking in-Summer To Do List

At the start of the summer I posted a summer to do list to keep me motivated on all of our projects. I thought I would do a little "check-in" since I made a little progress this past weekend.
1-Create fabric headboard for our guest bedroom.
Started over the weekend. Look out for a post soon.

2-Tackle the backyard jungle.
Work in progress, with lots of help from Carolina Husband. Our trimmed trees already look beautiful.

3-Sew pillows from two sets of remnant fabrics picked up this spring.
Check. I see more sewing in the future, it's really not to hard.

4-Roses for our back yard planter box.
Probably not happening this year, unless you can plant roses in the fall.

5-Turn our junk room into a room I can stand to actually be in.
Still a junk room, it may have even gotten worse. I have high hopes for one rainy weekend.

6-Stain side table for master bedroom.
Not happened yet. Maybe a good weeknight project.
7-Replace growing weeds in our planter box with colorful cosmos flowers.
Check-I put irises there instead.

8-Find the discounted/half price plant table and our local Lowe's.
Check-Read about what I found here.

9-Plant 2 strawberry jars with shade loving inpatients.
Check-I actually completed these before I wrote the list and they are still growing strong. Check one of them out.

11-Scrub patio seating and straighten up patio planting area.
Check-But I need to make another pass for an outside party in a few weeks.

12-Paint downstairs baseboards.
Almost done and what a difference it makes.

13-Wall paint touch-ups.
This one is new to the list and should be done before a baby shower at my house in a few weeks.

14-Help Carolina Husband hang the new chandelier in our dining room.
Another thing that needs to be done by the shower. I decided to stick with this one:

15-Mow the yard for the first time ever.
I have been talking a big game, volunteering to mow the lawn (usually Carolina Husband's job). This weekend I took my shot. A few minutes into the front yard the carburetor fell off and about 10 minutes after that both the carburetor and gas tank had detached. I think it was sabotage. 16-Buy a new lawn mower.
Hope we can hold out until the fall sales, but it's not looking good after #15.

So that is where I stand, with any luck next time I will have even more progress to report. One more weekend home before a full calendar in August.

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