Boats, Beer and Bolsters

We travelled with Carolina Husband's parents to a family wedding this weekend. The bride used tiki torches, removed the fuel canister and wick and used the bamboo shell to hold a small arrangement of flowers. With ribbon matching her wedding colors, she tied the torches to the entrances for each of the church pews. They added wonderful height and color to the church and seating. I hoped to see them do double duty and make an appearance at the outside reception to line a walkway or path, but I don't think they made the trip. This is a similar idea to what the bride used, but her arrangement was more crisp and tight, with a rose as the floral centerpiece. Instead of the tulle here, there was a clean bow of ribbon and burlap. It was a nice mix of rustic elegance.
Image from Virgina Beach Wedding Chapel

What did make it to the reception was a boat load of beer, literally. The outside reception had a seaside theme to it. The bride reclaimed an old, wooden fishing boat, embellished it with marine-esque decoration, filled the bow with flowers and used it as self-service iced beverage (read beer) area.

A boat load of beer.

Since it was Father's Day we stopped by my Carolina hometown on the way back for a quick lunch with my dad. My mom was finishing up some pillows for my sister and I added the left over fabric below to my collection of remnants, destined one day to become pillows. With any luck in the next few weeks I will have a completed guest room to share. Be on the lookout for the orange to make an appearance then.Soon to be pillows

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