Garden Party

Who would like to host a little celebration in their backyard this summer. I am thinking dusk so we can watch the lightening bugs come out. You provide the garden and reason for celebrating; I will bring the wine and ...

These lanterns to hang over the table:

Image and more about this 40th Birthday party at Celebrations at Home

Or maybe these pompoms instead:

Image and a tutorial from Martha Stewart


  1. love all of your posts! you have so many great links and pics! i came over to your blog from kelly's korner - noticed "carolina" in your header and thought that i would check it out :)

  2. Found you from Kelly's blog as well - just started blogging, and one of my first blogs is going to be about those pompoms. (So I just had to comment!) I made some for a baby shower this past weekend, hung them from trees in our backyard, and they looked SO GOOD!