Hour Tour-Master Bedroom

Our master bedroom is one of our neglected rooms of our house, which is a little sad for me because some of my favorite furniture is in that room.  Our bedroom furniture is not a full bedroom suite, instead it is a combination of old and new as well as a mix of pieces from both mine and Carolina Husband's family.

Our king sized bed admittedly takes up a lot of the room, but with me, a 6'5'' husband and a 50 lbs pup (you can see her making herself comfortable) sharing the bed each night I would not change it for much of anything.

Curtain Panels from Lowe's; Valencia Sleigh Bed from Pottery Barn; Duvet and Pillow Shams from Bed Bath and Beyond

Our bedroom TV is housed in a hutch from Carolina Husband's family and while the chair looks clean now, it is often piled with clothes (opps).  I have kept most of the display of our wedding pictures limited to our bedroom.  The 4-picture frame above the chair not only displays pictures from our wedding, but was also the guest registry for one of our wedding showers so each time we leave the room we can read wedding wishes from our friends.
Hutch-White Furniture

Our dresser is also a family piece, but from my family this time.  Interestingly enough both of these pieces were made from the same North Carolina furniture company out of Mebane, NC and they coordinate well. The company was in existence for more that 100 years, closing in 1992.  While I doubt the the White label adds much antique value to the pieces, it is neat to know that the furniture has some local history for us. 

Dresser-White Furniture

White Furniture Label in the top dresser drawer.

So that is our master, I love the furniture, but am not to crazy about the decor or color.  I guess its one more room to add to the list.


  1. Love how your dog is on your bed. Mine was too!

  2. love how you used the dresser for the tv

    happy touring!

  3. I love your bedroom!! It is so pretty!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I love your furniture too... the pieces coordinate very well. I'm salivating over your drapery fabric... I LOVE it!!!! The chair is so cute! You didn't ask for advice, but I'd change the bedding to a nice chocolate something or other to coordinate with the lovely drapes. Otherwise, really nice room!

  5. It's so nice to have quality, heirloom furniture. Great room!