House Tour-The" Man" Room

We have four bedrooms in our house, one of which we have used as our version of a bonus room.  We were hoping to find a house with a traditional bonus room for Carolina husband to use as his "man" room (his description).  He wanted a place to display sports things and hang with the boys.

The room has not quite been used as the hang out space we envisioned, but has turned into a nice upstairs TV room/place for me to fold laundry and a way for both of us to remember our college days.

Carolina Husband did most of the decorating, though I would like to think he got some inspiration and suggestion from me.  I did get to be involved in most of the projects.

The view as you enter the room.  We left the paint from the previous owners, so it's pretty basic.

View from the couch, the room is not that large which is one reason I think it hasn't worked as a traditional bonus room.  Some of our memorabilia has spilled onto the top of the TV. Notice the speakers from 1990 as a VCR stand coupled with the primitive cupboard (possibly civil war era) from my grandmother as a TV stand.  How's that for eclectic style?

Since this is not any one's bedroom we have great storage in the closet.  More touches from the husband--press credentials and the Yuengling sign.
Detail of the shelf over the couch.  The framed picture is a photo of our alma mater's basketball court and was the first thing hung in the room.
This is the latest project.  It was an inexpensive way to fill an empty wall.  Thin black 8 x 10 frames from Garden Ridge show off eight Sports Illustrated Magazine covers. The "mats" are white paper with the magazines centered in the frame.

So that is the "man" room, we also keep an air mattress in the closet for when our one guest room is not enough.  If you look closely, you may be able to figure out where Carolina Husband and I spent our college years.  Unless you know already:) 


  1. What a great room! I just stopped by from Kelly's Korner and I was looking at a few more of our posts. I will have to try grilling pizza! I love homemade pizza. My favorite toppings are artichokes and goat cheese :) So glad to have found your blog!

  2. Everything goes in a man's room, right! Oh, my husband doesn't have one..., well he has a workshop in the basement. So I guess that counts.

  3. I went to your alma mater too :) I love the framed court shot! I have one that I received as a graduation present that I have yet to find space for.

  4. I came over from Kelly's Korner (the Carolina caught my attention). I love the room - I've been a Tarheel fan as long as I can remember. But my favorite thing in the room is the Nascar Hot Pass!

  5. I found you on Kelly's Korner! My husband loves UNC and I think I might copy your magazine ideas! He's a March Madness fanatic and he would LOVE it!!