Shop and Eat Local

I found this project on a few other blogs recently. It's all about supporting local business, store owners and the local economy. The tag line "Pick 3. Spend 50. Save your local economy" encourages you to support at least 3 independently owned businesses by spending at least a total of $50 at independent stores each month. According to the site for every $100 spent locally, $68 returns back to your community compared to only $43 if that $100 was spent on in a national chain. So think about the difference you local shopping could make to your own community. Does this sound like any of the shop owners that you know?

"Someone who sleeps little, eats on the run, balances their checkbook over the breakfast table, combs through order forms in bed at night, and is capable of sorting invoices, signing paychecks, fielding questions, responding to emails, and faxing confirmations while simultaneously explaining to a new employee how to check in UPS." (From the 3/50 Project FAQ page)

If so, support them and your local economy by jumping on board with 3/50 and sharing the idea. And if you are in Raleigh, NC check out http://www.thecupcakeshopperaleigh.com/ on Glenwood to spend some of your $50. It is truly an independent that fits the bill.

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  1. I think this is a great idea and I am trying to do better!! There's no Anthropologie where I live so I still have to order some things off the internet...