The "It's Officially Summer" to do list

I can't believe that it is actually June 1, where has 2009 gone. With the near 90 degree Carolina heat, summer has officially started and so has my list of projects to tackle while we have sunlight until 9pm and lazy summer afternoons to fill.

1-Create fabric headboard for our guest bedroom. I have the fabric, foam and wood. With house guests coming Friday, can I get it completedby then?

2-Tackle the backyard jungle. The week of showers filled our rain barrel and created a jungle of weeds in our back yard.

3-Sew pillows from two sets of remnant fabrics pick up this spring.

4-Roses for our back yard planter box.

5-Turn our junk room into a room I can stand to actually be in. This has been a work in progress since we moved into our house 3 years ago. It's better or worse at different points of the year, but I am determined to make it a space for me.

6-Stain side table for master bedroom.

7-Replace growing weeds in our planter box with colorful cosmos flowers.

8-Find the discounted/half price plant table and our local Lowe's.

9-Do all of this while traveling, planning baby showers, attending weddings, enjoying friends, hosting houseguests, and snacking on summer food and beverage. Not to mention working a full-time job, laundry, keeping plants alive, cleaning house and getting at tan.

I am sure the list will go from 9 to 19 by the end of the summer, I did get a head start by checking off a few things this weekend:

-Plant 2 strawberry jars with shade loving impatients-Check

-Scrub Patio #1 seating (2 rockers and 2 adirondack chairs) and straighten up Patio #1's bakers rack/planting area-Check

Lots to do inside and out.

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! It is great to find new blogs and yours is looking good!! Loved your post on the garden stool..$15? Way to go, I do love a deal. Can't wait to see what you do next..Welcome to the blogging world!