Missing a Mudroom

When we started our first house buying adventure three years ago I had a few "must haves." On the list at that time were things like a seperate dining room and an eat-in kitchen, double sinks in the master bathroom, and a garage. I was pretty easy to please at that point, but after a few years of house and yard living it is safe to say my list has grown. One of the things that I am missing these days is a downstairs mudroom and laundry room with a utility sink.

Our laundry area is on the second floor with our bedrooms. I guess at some point home builders thought this was a convient upgrade--I doesn't really work for me, maybe after babies enter the picture? I still drag our clean laundry down the stairs to our prime TV spot to fold and it would be lovely to be able to toss dirty kitchen linens straight into the wash. Not to mention having a room in the house where the purpose was to house all of those things that don't seem to fit anywhere but an on-your-way-out-the-door mudroom I have visions of coats on hooks, shoes in baskets, reusable grocery bags in cabinets, and dog leashes on the door knob...I could go on and on.

I have resigned myself that these are things to just "get over" at least in this our first house (be sure it's already on the list for our next house hunt, which is not expected to be anytime soon). However, I can't quite get over not having a downstairs utility sink to use. I have plenty of gardening and flower projects, painting and staining projects and the occasional "hand wash only" garmet that would surely benefit from something a bit more appropiate than just the kitchen sink.

In the grand scheme of things it's probably not something to complain about, we do have a laundy area, a coat closet and pretty spacious garage, but I guess I can still dream, right?

If my dreams came true these are a few rooms that might make laundry fun. With all of these cabinets I could aslo have wine storage and a butler's pantry for all of my serving peices.

From Domino

From Hampton Designs

Also Hampton Designs

From This Old House

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